Mail Same Day - Guaranteed!

We Guarantee your project will be mailed the same day - if we miss the date, it's free!

The reason we can offer this guarantee while others can't is that we have a unique system designed for excess capacity and impressive scalability with little advance notice. In fact, our company was designed this way because our founders realized that the status quo in our industry just wasn't good enough when message timing was critical.

We built our systems and processes to be more flexible than any other. We trained our team to be more responsive and dedicated than any other. And we provide a service that is more exceptional than any other.

With a GUARANTEE like this, you can see we're serious about the work we do.

And you should see how well we do it all!

-- How it works --

Send your data, text and graphics by 10 AM (EST). After carefully ensuring everything is put together accurately, we'll have your setups ready in about 90 minutes. Provide us a quick approval within an hour of receiving your setup, and your mail will be deposited with the USPS that day GUARANTEED*. Recipients will be responding to your mail as soon as the next day, making AIR-GRAM the ultimate solution when every hour counts.

And when we say guaranteed same-day mailing, we mean it, or it's FREE!*

Everyone at INTEGRAM knows our mission: Meet every deadline. Nail every detail.

We make our money-back promise with confidence because we have never missed a guaranteed deadline.

Our team is committed to maintaining this unbroken string of success. We do whatever it takes when a promise is made and a mailing must get out.

We are serious, we are zealous, and we are uncompromising in our commitment. INTEGRAM will deliver. Guaranteed.

Everything, down to the windowed reply envelope, was designed for ultimate processing speed.

Every inch of our same-day letter package was designed with production efficiency in mind. Even so, you have your choice of letter lengths and the option of adding a perforated reply device.

Choose Your Letter Format (Single or Double Sided):

  • 8.5 x 11
  • 8.5 x 14 (legal)
  • 8.5 x 14 (legal) with 3 1/2 inch perf

Choose Your AIR-GRAM Envelope (White, Red, Yellow or Blue):

  • White #10 double window AIR-GRAM with First-Class presorted indicia or stamp
  • White #10 double window AIR-GRAM with First-Class full postage stamp

Choose Your Reply Envelope (optional):

  • CRE #9 center window
  • BRE #9 center window

*INTEGRAM guarantees Same-Day mailings of at least 25,000 pieces although for most projects the guaranteed quantity can be much higher. If the mail date is missed for any or all of the guaranteed pieces, INTEGRAM will mail that portion of your project the next business day at no charge, other than postage. Some restrictions apply.

“I've been very impressed with the high quality of customer service at INTEGRAM. Their ability to meet deadlines while being efficient and accurate throughout every aspect of the job is remarkable.”
Gina - Principal