Life moves fast for busy people in the internet age. Throughout its history, INTEGRAM has been helping competitive mailers respond to ever higher expectations.

But in 1991, some of the most innovative minds in laser personalization decided that a week was far too long for a truly "responsive" mailer...especially in the internet age.

That year, a private group of investors (including the inventor of the laser) created a new full-service mail-communications company. They saw the problem with existing full-service shops: it often took ten days or more for even their most "expedited" mail to be printed and dropped. INTEGRAM's creators established a communications company that could produce expedited mail at unprecedented speed, for customers who couldn't afford to wait.

While existing companies relied on small numbers of large, expensive and inflexible printers--making turnarounds take a week and longer--our founders created a network of PCs linked to small printers to greatly improve the speed and flexibility of mail preparation.

Once established, this proprietary network proved to be exceptionally efficient and dependable.

It readily handled advanced data processing requirements and laser services, and got mailings out the same day they were initiated. With this innovative system, INTEGRAM grew quickly, and in 1997 became an Inc. 500 Company with a growth rate of over 750%.

INTEGRAM has continued growing--in experience and capabilities--to serve our clients better.

In 1999, our company acquired a mailshop that processed financial statements, and set it up to provide both machine and handwork services at maximum speed. Throughout our history, we've formed strong alliances with printers and other support services who know our standards and are, like us, uncompromising in meeting them.

These advancements have given INTEGRAM the resources to handle the full range of standard direct mail formats--plus all manner of unusual packages--with maximum efficiency. No matter what you're mailing, INTEGRAM has the ability and determination to make sure it arrives with superior speed and impact.

Top names have come to INTEGRAM from the start. And over and over.

From our earliest days, INTEGRAM has attracted household names who know the importance of staying in the forefront; our very first client was AARP.

Today, we serve over 1,000 clients of various sizes, providing each with the same high levels of service and innovative thinking that have always marked our history.

For a small sampling of the many types of companies that have come to rely on INTEGRAM, click here.

Imitators have rushed to offer similar services. And quickly disappeared.

These days, your audience expects to hear from you without delay. INTEGRAM is constantly innovating to always improve your ability to respond. We stay ahead of our competition, so we can keep you ahead of yours.

Today, INTEGRAM continues to excel as a state-of-the-art company meeting the demanding expectations of very competitive clients. Other companies, seeing our success, have tried to duplicate what we do--often by simply copying INTEGRAM's envelopes. But it takes far more than an envelope to provide INTEGRAM's superior services. It requires a unique system specifically designed for the task and experienced people whose attention never wavers from performing at maximum speed.

INTEGRAM has seen "competitors" come and go, especially when the economy is slow. They promise fast turnarounds to bring in work, or promise to meet your required mail date, but they will not Guarantee it because they miss their commitment when overbooked, or a supplier slips, or a machine breaks down.

Test your mailshop's commitment to delivering expedited and on-time mailings, simply ask them: Will you Guarantee it? Is it free if you miss your commitment?

Call as many other mailers as you like. Then call INTEGRAM--at 703-849-1700--and ask the same question.

We're confident you'll see the difference. Instantly.

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“Their high quality of work and professionalism separates them from other mail shops. They can get jobs out quickly, and more importantly they can do it without compromising the quality of the mail piece. That makes INTEGRAM a vendor you can always count on.”
Micheal - Production Coordinator